Choosing a cake is the best part of wedding planning.  Relatively stress free, doesn’t break the bank, and you’ve got oodles of creative freedom. Here’s my few quick cake tips to get you through the sweet stuff!


  1. You do not need a tier cake that feeds your entire guest list.  Save the money, really! Not everyone eats cake (average 75% to be more than safe), and even if you do want a piece of cake for every single guest, it doesn’t need to be from the tier cake!  Chose a smaller cake – and then supplement with a sheet cake and you’ll cut your quote nearly in half. This option also gives you the opportunity to have flavor variety.  We had one chocolate & one strawberry champagne cake with very different fillings & frostings, but both so delicious!
  2. Speaking of a slice for every person… plated cake delivered to each seat is wasteful.  Have your caterer cut slices of cake and tray pass to guests on the dance floor and at their seats.
  3. Buttercream is a must.  You’re not going to get far with cream cheese frostings & whipped creams.  Stick with buttercream and you’ll be in good shape.  If you want to get creative, experiment with unique cake flavors and fillings.  My tier cake was strawberry champagne cake with fresh strawberry, bavarian cream and macaroon cookie filling. The sheet cake was chocolate cake with macaroon & raspberry filling with a dark chocolate ganache.
  4. About fillings.. go for a crunch.  The macaroon cookie killed it for us and made the cake unique and complex without adding anything to the budget. Think cookies, fresh fruits, nuts, jams, ganaches, coconut, etc.
  5. Decor.  Save money by purchasing your own cake plate and having it delivered or dropping it off with your baker.  Drop off florals & decor 1-2 days before your event to ensure freshness.  Try to chose pieces that compliment your wedding theme by asking your florist for extra flowers & greenery to adorn your sugary masterpiece.  I also love cakes that coincide with the season. I went for a boho fall cake that matched the pops of maroon in my bouquet. Pomegranates & figs went a long way to create a sophisticated vibe for my simple cake.
  6. Don’t forget the table!   The cake table needs some decorations – candlesticks, repurposed florals (the ones on the table were my bridesmaids’ bouquets!), unique table cloth, anything works – but it needs to be dressed up to showcase your masterpiece!
  7.  Bring a tupperware container for the caterer to save you a large slice of cake for you to freeze!  Once you get your slice home, wrap it in a few layers of saran wrap and keep it safe in a freezer zip log bag until your first anniversary 🙂
  8. Save  a few cake inspiration photos to send to your cake baker, planner and florist so they can bring your sweet dreams to life!

If you’re getting married in Santa Barbara, there’s no reason to use any other cake baker than “Your Cake Baker”.  They are inexpensive, friendly and professional, incredibly talented in cake design, and their cakes are moist, sweet, and deliciously perfect.  Honestly, I would say the very best cake I have ever had the pleasure in wolfing down, and I truly am not being biased – I’m quite the cake snob.  When choosing a baker, you want someone who appreciates your vision and is excited to make your wildest cake dreams come true.  Your Cake Baker is this, and so much more!





  1. I like what this article mentions about the cake not having to be too big. It makes sense that a lot of the guests won’t even eat cake. It’s something I’ll have to remember to make sure the cake looks really good but that there’s not too much waste when the event is over.

    1. Nothing worse than wasted food in my opinion! It’s so sad when we toss so much when some have so little!

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