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Drinking from the tap has always been taboo for me, well for as long as I can remember. Long before I heard about superfoods or started swearing by probiotics; back when I lived off of Kraft mac and cheese and had never even had an avocado, my mom had instilled in me that the only suitable drinking water came from a bottle.  And unlike most of my adolescent rules, I never questioned this one, I just obliged.

And that’s how the next few decades of hydration went, just drinking out of plastic water bottle after plastic water bottle (cringe).  But 3 years ago, when I was trying to work through a myriad of digestive issues, a friend recommended I stop drinking BPA bottles and start drinking alkaline water.  As if it’s not obvious from reading my blog, I am highly susceptible to health fads, and it wasn’t long until I was nagging my husband that we replace our weekly 24 pack of water bottles with a refillable glass 5-gallon jug. Two times a week he would lug the empty jug to an alkaline water store up the road, fill it for $7, and lug it home, where it took up precious counter space. And don’t even get me started on the number of times we ran out of water on a Saturday or Sunday morning after a night out.  But really the worst part about the refillable jugs (for me anyway, I wasn’t the one actually schelping it around West Hollywood), was that I felt like I had to ration it.  Meaning not using the filtered water to cook with or give to my pups.

To be honest, Matt still would be our water pack mule if my vanity didn’t get the best of me.  You see, for as long as we have lived in Weho, my hair has been waxy and unmanageable.  Like there’s all this weird build-up of products that just won’t come out, making it almost greasy the moment I get out of the shower.  I had become accustomed to wasting money on blowouts just to get a bit of hair cooperation.  I knew without a doubt that the water was to blame since my ‘vacation hair’ was always silky and soft.  I did try a shower filter head, and while it offered a little relief, it still wasn’t anything close to how nice my hair would feel after an out-of-LA shower.  This dilemma is what prompted my initial research, and subsequent obsession, with installing a whole home water filtration system.

If you’ve been nodding your head yes at all while reading this, then I’m going to give you the gift of talking points to present to your S.O. on why you CAN’T LIVE without the Pelican whole home water filtration system any longer.

  1. #PlasticFreeJuly: Cut back on plastic bottle waste.  And your ingestion of BPA, which can seriously mess with your hormones.
  2. Ingestion: Healthier water to ingest, cook with, make coffee with, you name it!
  3. Laundry: Safer and more gentle on your laundry (which means less money spent replacing dingy and damaged clothes!)
  4. Showering: Your skin is your largest organ, it drinks whatever you put on it, don’t let it soak up chlorine and chemicals.  Replace dry, flaky skin and scalp with nourished, healthy skin and hair.
  5. Pets: They deserve purified drinking water too! #savethefurbabies
  6. Plants: Give your plants the gift of filtered water and watch them flourish.
  7. Appliances: Extend the life of your water-based appliances.
  8. Convenience: Stop lugging around cases of water bottles (which means more free hands to carry cases of wine from the grocery store instead!)
  9. Stop Water Waste! Check your water footprint using the Pelican calculator here
  10. The system goes where you go.  We live in a rental, and will one day buy a home.  Our Pelican system is along for the ride with a lifetime guarantee!

<< H o w   i t   w o r k s >>

Pelican uses salt free coconut shell and charcoal filters to purify and clean your water without wasting a drop.  That’s pretty incredible when you think of it. I was initially drawn to Pelican because they’ve been around forever and have a great track record. I also like that there are a bunch of different options for customizing which filtration system is best for you based on your home’s size, geographical location and your individual preferences.  For example, I knew I really wanted a water softener in addition to the purification system.  The softener is what helps me get silky smooth locks and softer skin.

<<  a l k a l i n e ? >>

So let me quickly circle back a bit to the alkaline water I mentioned earlier (that was sooo three years ago). The truth is, our bodies are natural experts at keeping us alkaline and the research on ‘perfect’ ph balanced water benefits is misleading and unfounded.  Do I think it will hurt you to drink alkaline water?  No, I don’t.  Do I think it’s worth the extra money? No, I don’t. There’s actually reason to believe that alkaline water is less beneficial because it eradicates vital minerals from the h20.

But filtered water? Well that’s a different story. The last thing you want is to develop metal toxicity from your tap water and have your body constantly fighting off chlorine and a slew of other heavy metals.  Don’t even get me started on the poor people of Leeds.  It’s a complete and utter shame that, as a society, we’ve ruined something so pure, and so essential to our well being. But that’s a rant for another post.  I am just thankful that Pelican has developed a solution that works.

<< i n s t a l l a t i o n >>

The filter arrived in two large cylinders (maybe 5 feet high each) and a bunch of parts.  My husband enlisted the help of our friend who is a plumber and it took them a solid half day to install the filters.  I would definitely say that it’s preferred to hire a professional to make sure you install it correctly.  Following the initial installation, care is very easy.  Just a filter change every year.

<< c o n c l u s i o n >>

I am a yoga instructor and wellness blogger living in the middle of Los Angeles with a downright phobia of polluted tap water, yet here I am, drinking delicious, clean water straight from the sink to my lips.  My hair has been able to air dry after the shower for the first time since we’ve moved into this house. Now, that is a miracle.   It’s so nice to cook rice with tap water and not cringe when I fill up my dogs’ water bowl, or even when I water the house plants (who have become like pets, haha).   It’s just such a piece of mind to know we’re not harming our bodies just by hydrating.

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  1. Very interesting review of the Pelican water filter, it’s the first I’ve seen of it. It really is a shame how alkaline water has gotten a bad name due to misinformation. People began equating the higher the pH to the healthier the water, which is a dangerous thought process. I agree with you that our bodies get the job done. Alkaline ionized water has treated me well, but I did my homework first.

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