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How to Nail 70s Fashion Vibes

Born in the 80s, product of the 90s, but obsessed with the 70s.  Maybe it’s the hippie woodstock vibes, perhaps it’s the bra burning revolution… but I’m always lusting over 70s style.

The 70s are easy to emulate by adding just a few staples into your closet.  A good pair of flare jeans, a scarf that can be used as a headband, some colorful platforms and statement shades. To pull off my 70s summer look, I purchased the necklace, shirt, shoes and sunglasses from Fashion You Up – my favorite go-to for trendy yet inexpensive accessories and shoes.   The shorts are from my old standby Brandy Melville.


Heels: $39

70s Alpha Female tshirt: $16

Vintage Oversized Sunnies:  $12.50

Necklace: $14.50

And really you should replace these shorts with this skirt because it’s fabulous:

Annnnd maybe one of these headbands:


The point is, you don’t have to break the bank to recreate a relaxed 70s style, you just need to buy a few fun interchangable pieces! Good luck you groovy babes!

Tshirt also from Fashion You Up, 

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