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Bonjour 2013! I’m finally ready for you!

So  my 2013 resolutions are off to a slow, not a bad, start.

In my defense, this past week has been hectic. I moved into a new place in West Hollywood. And by moved in I mean I brought all my clothes and kitchenware into a completely empty apartment.  Since then, I have purchased a bed frame and a living room set, but the place is far from homey.   Nonetheless, this is a big important new beginning for my 2013.

Work is off to a feverish, but fabulous start.  With pilots flowing steadily into the breakdowns, my theatrical board is becoming a well oiled machine in no time.

I’m a cozy 12 pounds heavier than I want to be, and while I am munching on a spanakopita at 9 am (whole wheat?), I feel confident that once I’m settled into my new routine I’ll get back on the fast track to thin.  

So without further adieu, here is my 2013 resolutions:

1. Kill it at work.  Network and scrap my way to the top.  My talent deserves it.  As does my wallet.

2. Stop letting myself go at 25.  Reinvest in some white strips, two a days at the gym, eat raw, and for god sakes throw away this hideous hair clip I use every day out of laziness.  Soon I’ll be in high waist levis and letting my roots grow out to (gasp) brunette (ok less blonde, lets get real). but really, what’s happening to me!  And another thing, why do i think its ok to eat cookies and chocolates everyday?  Enough is enough!

3. Express my creative side more.  Write more, heck maybe even bust out a pilot.  Paint more, bake more, take more photos, read more, hop into another scene study class.

4. Show the people in my life how important they are to me. Especially my mom. But I guess that boyfriend of mine could use a little more lovin’ too. Alright fine, everyone could use a few more hugs from me I suppose.

2013 is going to be my year, I can feel it.

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