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A Christmas Recap, From Beverly Hills to Halifax, MA

Since I neglected my blog for the month of December, I decided to picture montage my Christmas to segway into my New Years resolutions.   I had the most fabulous time at 21 Elm Street; it really doesn’t get any better than family at Christmas.

Alright, I had a little Christmas cheer in LA too:

Lessons learned:

1. Christmas trees in Beverly Hills are so sickeningly overpriced I had to give up grocery shopping for 2 months to purchase even the most pitiful oversized bush.   The same Christmas tree in Halifax cost $100 dollars less.

2. You’re only as good as your gift.  And you cannot go wrong with scratch tickets for Yankee Swaps.  Score.

3. They call Yankee Swap parties “White Elephants” in Los Angeles.  I know. Morons.

4. Jews in Hollywood celebrate Christmas! …but not Jesus.

5. Latkes taste delicious! gefilte fish doesn’t.

6. You’re never too old to squeal over your pile of presents.

7.  Your parents are never too old to spoil rotten.  They squeal too if you do it right.

8. Eggnog induced hangovers are quite the stomach ache.

9. Just because someone gives you a box of See’s candies, doesn’t mean you have to finish the box that same day.  Remember, sharing is caring.

10.  Don’t underestimate the power of a suburban housewife on the prowl at target.

11. It’s not Christmas without a few flurries.

12. More importantly, it’s not Christmas without your Mama, Papa and two dogs.  I cannot believe how blessed I am to have been raised at the farm that is 21 Elm Street.  Talk about a real upbringing by the two best friends anyone in the world could ask for.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight.

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