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Why We Need to DEMAND the Labeling of GMOS

Before yesterday, I had always advocated for choosing organic if the option is available.  But as we all know, organic can be scarce in restaurants and our local grocers, and when it is available, organic is usually synonymous with expensive.
At the Awareness Film Festival in Santa Monica, I sat in on the documentary “Genetic Roulette.”   The films purpose is to educate viewers on the dangers of ingesting chemically altered foods, and highlights all of the research that links GMO ingestion with the rise in children’s food allergies, cancer, sickly and irritable livestock, infertility, and even the rise in autism.  With all research, nothing should be taken without a grain of (organic) salt.  The research does not prove that eating GMO foods causes any medical problems, but it does show that the two correlate.  The statistics with livestock fed GMO diets versus livestock eating non GMO feed is astounding.  And many health problems in children through adults have been cleared up from simply switching to non GMO diets. The funding for research against genetically modified foods and the publication advocating for their abolishment is scarce.  I could write another article on the corruption of Monsanto Company, but here is not the place nor the time.  Just know that there is quite a bit of money working to punish and suppress anyone who stands up against GMO foods.

Whether or not genetically modified foods cause cancers, infertility, and all of the other claims, I believe the lesson here is much simpler.  Know what you are putting into your body, and the bodies of your family.  I urge you to search for and pay the extra for organic, to read labels carefully, to push for labeling of GMO foods.  Reach for raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, unprocessed meats and fresh fish.  I promise to provide you with plentiful healthy recipes that taste delicious and use no processed or packaged ingredient that are so far from their derivatives they don’t even bare a resemblance.
When your skin starts to glow, your hair shines, you are less irritable and you feel more energized, you’ll thank me!  Until then, do a little research and spread the word.  Let’s Label GMO!

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