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6 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal & Increase your home value!

curb appeal tips


Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell. This article will dwell on it in more detail.

Try out these 6 curb-appeal boosting tips to add value to your home!

  1. PAINT: Definitely the most commonly offered curb appeal advice, but for good reason: appraisers will value it!   Make sure to pick a color that is neutral and goes with the neighborhood… nothing too bold or bright! Or mayhap hire a professional or two from a Professional Painting Contractors website to get a better idea of which colour of paint the wall can be slapped with. Check out building maintenance York PA for more info on professional painting services.
  2. WASH: Seems obvious, but you’ll never believe how many times a buyer doesn’t think to wash the exterior of the house before putting it on the market! Don’t forget about the garage door and the roof! A power washing company makes it possible to enjoy a spotlessly clean house and compounds with no green algae on rooftops and in driveways. A sparkling white garage door goes a long way. Do not forget the windows while you’re inspecting the doors, because there would be high chances that they’d have had been deteriorated over the ages, by taking the brunt of the elements. If that is the case, do not hesitate to get some replacements from that go well with the garage. 
  3. ROOF: Speaking of the roof… put a valiant effort into fixing it up.  It will be music to a prospective buyer’s ears to hear ‘newly shingled roof!” 
  4. GARDENING A little bit of mulch goes a long way.  Spruce up the yard by adding some flowers and bushes, trimming back shrubs and lining the gardening with a dark mulch. 
  5. ADD COLOR: Catch a buyer’s eye with a pop of color!  Try a bold red door or even some bright flower boxes in the windows.  Surprisingly, this little splash of color will seriously boost your curb appeal!
  6. FANCY UP THE MAILBOX. A swanky mailbox or new house numbers won’t break your bank – but will go a long way. 
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