What do you possibly buy a yogi who preaches ‘less is more’ and gives you some Osho quote about the universe everytime you ask what she wants for Christmas, her birthday or Valentines Day?  I know, it’s a tough one.  But lately I’ve been leaning hard towards my namaste side, so I can share some insider info.


1.There’s a new skincare brand on the market targeted to those who love to work up a good sweat.  If your girl is all about that hot yoga life, practicing asanas in the sun, or finds herself residing in a polluted city (where my LA peeps at!), she’ll love Fré Skincare (35% off code is: CHELSEAG)

2. Chances are she’s already got a mat she loves. But maybe that mat of hers isn’t eco friendly. Or ethically produced.  Or biodegradable.  Or maybe it has actual holes in it from overuse and the edges are fraying off.  If new mat is what you’re going after, I highly recommend Zura 

3. A prayer necklace isn’t just jewelry.  It’s used to repeat a mantra during meditation.  And yogis love them.  Find a unique and sturdy strand of beads at Mala Prayer (code TRAVELINGFIG gets you 20% off)

4. She has essential oils. All of them.  And a difuser.  What she doesn’t have?  Essential oil scented perfume rollers, and body oils designed to keep her glowing, naturally.  Riddle Oil is my go-to for gifts.  Chic and lovely.


5. If your girl is a retreat junkie, check out Cuccio Somatology for a travel size bundle of eco-friendly mat cleaner, balancing oil and lotion. (code TRAVELINGFIG10)

6. She’s got the gear. And a lot of it.  Like she’s at the point where the ratio of yoga pants to dresses is 4:1. What she can never have enough of? Novelty shirts & printed leggings. And Evolve fitness is my current fav jam. (dog not included) (TRAVELINGFIG10)

7. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get sore doing yoga.  You try doing 15 chaturangas and tell me your shoulders don’t ache the next day.  The solution? Soothe.  Get her a giftcard to have the massage brought to her, whenever and wherever. (code RLWUB and we both get $20 off!)

8.  And if you’re looking for that one gift that will have her SQUEALING with delight this holiday?  How about surprising her with spot on my Willow & Blair yoga + soul searching + inspiring, once in a lifetime, trip to Marrakech + the Sahara.    Now that’s a present that just keeps giving.   Email me for details chelsea@willowandblair.com

Upcoming retreats:

SEDONA & ANTELOPE CANYON, Vegan,  September 27 – October 1, 2018

CUSCO & MACHU PICCHU, Vegan, October 21 – October 27, 2018

MARRAKECH & THE SAHARA, October 6- October 13, 2018


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