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Find yourself a good hair salon and the rest will fall into place.   As you very well know, I’m down for a fun bout of trial and error in about every single aspect of my life.  I live to try new restaurants, never want to visit the same travel spot twice, and am a classpass addict because it enables my gym-commitment-phobia.  But the single thing that I don’t mess around with?  My hair.  I’ve had the same hairdresser, Taebastian, for years, but unfortunately he’s no hidden gem.  Rather,......

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Best Rooftop Pools in LA
June 18, 2014

Best Rooftop Pools in LA

Ah, summertime in LA is finally here.  Time to agonize over which bathing suit makes my love handles less prominent, sip down frozen beverage after frozen beverage and post filtered pictures that make me look...