Los Angeles

Truffle Hunting: Where to Find the Best Truffle Dishes in LA

On my relentless quest for truffle satisfaction in Los Angeles I have had the pleasure of enjoying quite an eclectic array of truffled dishes.  Here’s my short list of favorites thus far.
PACE: four cheese truffle pizza. swoon.  Only a special so call ahead!
KOI: Salmon carpaccio with black truffles and citrus glaze.
BOUCHON: Truffle popcorn (happy hour special)
UMAMI: Truffle Burger.
BEVERLY HILLS CHEESE STORE:  Truffle infused cheese. literally heaven.
BLT: Truffle Fries
MASTROS: Truffle and Crab Gnocchi
And I’m still on the search for the best truffle mac n cheese.

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