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Yacht Week Greece, Lessons Learned

Yacht Week Lessons Learned:

  1. Call your banks ahead of time and let them know you’ll be traveling abroad and not to deactivate your CCs
  2. Have an email chain prior to the trip to discuss initial shopping trip, sharing of clothes and other communal items like toothpaste, etc.
  3. Have a theme outfit – something silly and fun – and wait until the dinner at the long table (night three) with everyone to show up fashionably late.
  4. Plan on living like heathens.  Yes, it is a luxury yacht trip – but it feels much more like camping in the woods.  No AC, no adequate showers, no Greek hunks fanning you while feeding you grapes.
  5. You’ll be seeing the same hundred or so people every single night for 7 nights in a row.  Keep this in mind when you feel like slapping …or smooching.. someone.
  6. Bring a back up camera battery
  7. A waterproof camera is a necessity.
  8. Embrace a week without your cell phone – don’t waste a single moment hunting down wifi.
  9. Keep lip gloss applied at all times – the official yacht week cameraman has no mercy.
  10. Stay up until sunrise.

And lastly, unglue the camera from your eye and take a mental snapshot.  You are so lucky to be on this adventure of a lifetime in the most gorgeous waters on earth surrounded by likeminded adventurers – savor every single moment.

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