Cold Fiddlehead Salad Recipe

Cold Fiddlehead Salad Recipe

Cold fiddlehead Salad

I love fiddleheads, they make the perfect accompaniment because of their unique shape and quick cooking time, but their season is fleeting and there are only so many summer meals that you actually want hot vegetables.

So, i made up a recipe for a cold fiddlehead salad, and it came out scrumptious! This recipe is healthy, satisfying and is sure to impress at your barbeque.  Serve alongside grilled chicken, shrimp or steaks.

Saute half of an onion (cut into 1 inch slivers) on med heat in olive oil with garlic and basil until slightly browned

Add washed fiddleheads (1 full bag of fresh fiddleheads should do) and 2 tsp of balsamic vinegarand one more tsp of olive oil

Sprinkle rosemary, basil, cracked sea salt, garlic, ground black pepper, and a dash of cayenne pepper

After 5 minutes on medium heat, transfer to serving dish

Cut up red and yellow peppers into small cubes and toss in (cut up cherry tomatoes or sundried tomatoes would be great too!)

Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and toss all ingredients together

Refrigerate until cooled -a half hour is fine

Sprinkle with parmesan before serving, and enjoy!!



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