Why Every Bride needs the Lace Atelier (& a Promo Code!)

best bridal robes

Can you recall a recent wedding album that didn’t have the bride with her girls getting ready in matching robes?  The bridesmaid robes are quite the phenomenon; an expense that is rarely even questioned by the brides-to-be.

The ‘getting ready’ photos have become an integral part of the wedding-day shot list and thus bridesmaids have come to expect the gifting of robes.   And in my opinion, rightfully so.  Foremost, your girls deserve them.  They’ve selflessly spent ample time and money in preparation for you big day and the small gesture of a robe (accompanied with a gift) is essential for showing your gratitude.  Second, robe uniformity makes for gorgeous photos.  Plain and simple.  You’re just not going to frame a photo of you and your friends jumping on the bed before your wedding all wearing mis-matched old tshirts and soffe shorts.  Sorry, but without the robes, it just isn’t going to look like a wedding day photo.  Or feel like one for that matter.

So take my advice and don’t fight the system on this one.  Get the robes, make the girls happy, and take a wee bit of packing stress off of the chicks who have been biting their tongues through all of your bridezilla episodes over the past year.


Now….. which robes to buy?

It’s safe to say that there are two types of robes. The generic ones that your bridesmaids probably have a section of their closet dedicated to. These robes are cute and silky and make for great photos.  And then there are The Lace Atelier Robes.


These sent-from-Paris-with-love robes are absolutely to die for. French lace in blush and beige with delicate scalloped edges and sheer linings… these robes optimize luxury and elegance.  And my do they photograph beautifully.  The robes are elongating and slimming, romantic and feminine.  These robes are cut from a different pattern, if you will, and the quality and integrity of the fabric and design reflect a refined European brand.  And remind me again, who doesn’t want to be dripping in luxurious French lace as they get ready for the best day of their life? Exactly.


…that being said, who doesn’t want to be dripping in luxurious French lace every morning when they get ready?  Go on, treat yourself.  You deserve it.  xx

For 25% off at use the promo code TRAVFIG25



PHOTOGRAPHER: Jessica Manga Grazia

HAIR: Taebastian Spriggs, Kim Vo Salon @ The Montage, Beverly Hills


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