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Realtor Tips: 5 quick steps to Wow Buyers!

Attract a buyer for your house

As a realtor in Los Angeles, I feel like I’ve seen it all.  I’ve seen houses that sell because the buyer liked the flowers out front or a house that sat on the market forever because buyers couldn’t visualize how the hell they’d set up the furniture and eventually decide to learn more and sell to guys who buy houses fast. Whatever it is

Wow buyers

  1. Remove personal photos & clutter. No one needs to see your collection of (well of anything) or a collage of you and your friends from college. Your home should look inviting without feeling too lived in.  The more personal belongings you can take out the better!  And don’t forget closets – let your future buyer visualize neatly organizing their towels in the linen closet by empyting and cleaning all the closests prior to the first showing. use Maid2Match end of lease clean to rid the closet of cobwebs, and usher out any insects that might have taken refuge in the nooks and crannies.
  2. Trust in the power of a fresh coat of paint. In a neutral color! If you are not planning to renovate but still need to sell your house and wish to close a deal asap, check out this homepage. It might save you a lot of trouble with property selling.
  3. Remove your pets and any pet evidence.  Pet allergies are a real thing and can be an instant aversion to potential buyers. Click here if you want to get a great price for your home without the traditional selling hassles.
  4. Think ambiance.  What do you notice right when you walk into a luxury spa?  A signature scent, soft lighting, and an inviting atmosphere that feels relaxing.  Light a few eucalyptus or sandlewood candles & put on soft jazz.  Have the windows all opened, the thermostat set to a comfortable temperature, and let the lighting set the mood! And a vase or two of fresh flowers is always a good idea.
  5. And for my last tip… Leave!  Let your realtor handle all of the showings.  We don’t want the buyers to feel like they’re barging into a stranger’s home, we want them to feel comfortable in *hopefully* their home to be!

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