How to Use the Foreo UFO & a Review!

foreo ufo review

I am, and always have been, a maskaholic. But then I discovered the Foreo UFO and I can’t help but feel like all my years (and years) of masking have been in vain. Yes, in vain. From the homemade avocado and pumpkin mess to the absurdly pricey Skinceuticals sheet masks… I can’t help but feel that the benefits of those masks were never actualized in my skin.

The UFO is the tesla of beauty devices. The cutting edge Sweedish design meets Korean beauty device that I never knew I needed. After falling in love with the Foreo Luna face washing silicone device, I became a Foreo superfan (or stalker w/e). So it was no surprise I was first in line to try out the UFO when it hit the market.

But here’s the thing, I guess I wasn’t realllly expecting much. I was so accustomed to putting masks on for 15-20 minutes most nights and then rubbing in the ingredients or washing them off, only to reveal the same exact skin. I knew that the real work was done in the dermatologist and esthetician offices, and that my at-home treatments were only temporary brighteners between my heavy duty treatments. (Like IPL, I’m obsessed).

How it works (Step by Step Guide):

  1. Your UFO is ready to go when it arrives! It is already fully charged and will be for the next 40 or so uses
  2. Download the Foreo app, it’s free in the app store
  3. Pick which mask you’re going to use (I’m a big fan of the daytime masks, my makeup has never gone on so smoothly afterwards!), press the top button of the UFO to pair the device with the app, and scan the barcode on the back of the mask through the app.
  4. Remove mask from package and remove the plastic ring from your UFO. Secure the mask under the ring, you should be able to read ‘foreo’ on the plastic ring.
  5. I like to take the extra serum from the mask packaging and evenly distribute it across my face chest and neck.
  6. Listen to the prompts and follow the direction of the soothing angelic voice as you glide the UFO over your face, neck and chest in gentle circular motions.
  7. During the treatment, you can expect any combination of:
    1. LED light therapy: I’ve talked about the benefits of LED endlessly on my blog and youtube channel. I use red light regularly to help with rosacea and sun damaged skin and blue light therapy whenever I have a zit pop up.
    2. Thermo Therapy with T-Sonic Pulsations: The UFO heats up to open up your pores to receive the serums while boosting circulation.
    3. Cryotherapy with T-Sonic Pulsations: The coolness closes your pores to lock in beneficial ingredients and helps reduce inflammation, minimize pore appearance and reduce redness.
  8. When the treatment has ended (typically 90 seconds), remove the mask pad and discard. Rinse your UFO under warm water, pat dry and press the button on top to turn off your device.

Why I’m Obsessed:

There is no denying that the Foreo UFO has been engineered to deliver the mask ingredients deep within your skin, making it far superior to your regular sheet masks or volcano mud goop or even peel off charcoal mask. When I use my UFO I feel like I get the ‘most bang for my buck’ and reap the maximum benefits from the mask ingredients. Plus, it feels luxurious AF and the treatments leave me feeling so zen.

I also love that each mask treatment takes under 2 minutes and that I don’t have to lay frozen so my sheet mask doesn’t slide off my face. Although, tbh, I really do enjoy sneaking up on my husband with a sheet mask on. That, I’ll miss.

But perhaps the best part of the Foreo UFO is that you can use it for your chest and neck! Every single time that I have ever used a sheet mask I curse beauty manufacturers everywhere for not developing a mask that covers your neck and chest. Those are my problem areas, and years of sun damage have me looking dated in the decolletage. And now feeling dated that I used the word decolletage, but I digress. Chests & necks need love too.

Foreo products are cruelty free! Which, is something very near and dear to my heart. Read my post here on tips to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle. The products are also Silicone and paraban free.

And while the initial cost might be daunting – the masks are a great value. A 6 pack of the ‘Make my Day’ masks is only $10.

Room for improvement?

As I mentioned, the price is definitely steep, but you do pay for what you get with innovative beauty. My only other qualm – I wish the masks were organic.

Interested in the device that seriously upped my facewashing game? Check out my review of the Luna 2 here:

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