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How to throw a San Francisco Send Off Party!

When your best friends pack up and ships off to San Francisco, it would be blasphemy not to give her a proper send off.  A San Fran send off to be exact 🙂

This theme is easily executed with minimal expenses… but the creative possibilities are endless!  Here’s a few simple ideas to get you started:

  1. A ‘San Francisco Treats’ sign is basically mandatory for your party.
  2. It’s too easy to paint a canvas with black chalk paint and scribble ‘San Fran Send Off’ on it for the party!
  3. You’re going to need the Golden Gate bridge somewhere or other.  Mind as well pair it with a quote from the only recognizable song about San Francisco.
  4. A chocolate fondue with a little ‘welcome to Ghiradelli Square” sign would be ideal, but a basket of the infamous chocolate squares will get the point across just fine.
Ghirardelli-Chocolate5. Howwww about having a Napa Valley wine tasting at the party?!  Maybe paired with some Sonoma cheeses?! Purchase 6 different types of Napa wines and print out a little information card for each one that lists the origin, grapes and flavor notes.  Take it a step further by printing out some ‘wine tasting cards’ for guests!


winetastingscore  6. “Fisherman’s Wharf” raw bar anyone?


7.  SF Giants cookies make a pretty epic parting gift for guests.


8. And last, but not least… give your guest of honor a piece of home to take with her on this big adventure.  I had all the party guests sign the black portion of this canvas with gold sharpies.

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