Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Wrapped in Prosciutto – Low Carb

This recipe is quite simple, but seems rather fancy — and, more importantly tastes delicious.  Everyone loves chicken, and there are so many possibilities for substitutions (scroll down to the bottom for some ideas!).  This is the perfect meal if you’re cooking for one or a dinner party of 10!

What you’ll Need:
-4 lean boneless, skinless chicken breast
-4 thick slices of prosciutto
-One white onion, finely chopped
-olive oil
-5-6 pitted dates, chopped
-10 oz herbed goat cheese
-3 fresh garlic cloves, minced
-fresh herbs (all I had was Basil, so that’s all I used)
-balsamic reduction

Step one: Heat oven to 400 degrees.  In a skillet, cook onions and garlic in olive oil on medium heat until browned…

Step two: Reduce heat to low and add chopped dates, fresh herbs and goat cheese, stirring occasionally…

Step 3: Put chicken breast between two pieces of saran wrap or parchment paper and hammer until 1/2 inch thick…

Step four: Spoon goat cheese mixture into the middle of the chicken breast and roll bottom up.  The best idea is to lay the prosciutto underneath the pounded chicken breast and roll it all together.  But I missed this step and rolled the prosciutto after.  Either way works.

Step five: Put breasts in a greased baking pan or sheet and bake for 20 minutes, flip and bake for 20 more. (40 total)

Step 6: enjoy!

Optional: drizzle balsamic reduction across the top

Another Option:  Instead of pounding the chicken, you can cut the breast in half carefully, open it up and put the goat cheese mixture inside, then wrap with prosciutto.  You get a lot less of the mixture, and no wow factor when you cut through – but it is still delicious and a bit easier.

Alright, now if you know me — you know I use what I have and substitutions are key.
Other rolled chicken ideas:
-Chicken rolled with italian deli meats and provolone cheese, wrapped in prosciutto
-Chicken parm roll up – mozzerela inside with some sauce then crust the outside with parmesan, hold together with tooth picks
-Greek style stuffed with feta, spinach, garlic, roasted tomatoes, black olives, hold together with tooth picks, or wrap with grape leaves – you could add rice to this stuffing as well.
-Thanksgiving roll up – stuffed with stuffing & cranberry sauce, wrapped in prosciutto topped with gravy
-Buffalo Chicken -rolled with blue cheese and covered in buffalo sauce, wrapped in bacon
-Pizza roll up- stuffed with italian cheeses and favorite pizza toppings, topped with tomato sauce
-Marsala roll up- stuffed with marsala mushrooms and mozzarella, rolled in prosciutto
The dates are optional in the one I made – I just liked the idea of something sweet.  Adding walnuts or pine nuts would have been delicious to my recipe too.

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