DIY Wreck it Ralph & Fix it Felix Costume

Every year I have great intentions to plan my costume well in advance, and then Halloween creeps up on me and it’s too late to order from anywhere besides Amazon prime. This year was no different. I’m going to share with you an easy DIY Wreck it Ralph + Fix it felix costume if you’re in need of a quick, easy, and cheap Halloween couples costume idea.

fix it felix costume


Step 1: Order what you don’t have on amazon prime:

Step 2: If you want to make your own FF hat decal and Felix nametag, all you need is: yellow construction paper, white construction paper and a dark blue permanent marker. I just did it by hand best I could by copying this picture, but you could also use tracing paper if you wanted it to be perfect.


Step 1: Buy what you don’t have on amazon

Fun DIY dog costume: The Beanie Baby Dog!

All you need is white and red felt and a glue gun

Fun DIY pumpkin painting project:

Step 1: buy foam pumpkins + spray paint white (if they’re not already), let dry

Step 2: use craft paint to cover pumpkins in a sky color (black + purple or black + blue), let dry

Step 3: sponge or paint on moon with white, let dry

Step 4: add black trees + bats + stars

Step 5: paint pumpkin tops last

painted diy pumpkin ideas

And for the shaded Ursula pumpkin stencil:

Step 1: GREY: Scrape off top layer of pumpkin with exacto blade (or specific pumpkin carving tools, linked below).

Step 2: BLACK: cut all the way through black areas

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