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Coachella 2017 Fashion Trends: What to Wear


Flower crowns are out.  Really, I’m not kidding.  So aren’t daisy prints.  And gladiator sandals.  2017 Coachella is all about the dark, the ominous, the rock and roll meets boho. I’ll coin it “Rock and Boho”

Whether you’ve been 5 years in a row or this is your first time hitting the desert, these 10 style essentials will set you up for coachella fashion success.


<< Fringe.

I’m a fan of fringe everything… but you can’t go wrong copying Bella’s vest look. You can find a pretty similar one at forever21

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: fringe vest

coachella fringe

<< Applique & Embroidery.

Your 2017 spring essentials.  I’m going applique everything from skirts to shoes to body suits.  But a unique jacket is a must.  Like this one from zara:

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: Aplique and embroidery


<<Long Distressed Shorts & Skirts.

Sure you can still have your ass hanging out of denim shorts.. it’s a festival staple.  But this year, I’m opting for knee length distressed shorts & skirts. Forever 21 has you covered for both.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: long distressed shorts

<< Crochet.


Comfortable and sexy without being slutty? yes please.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: crochet

<<Body Chains.

Once only an accessory for Spearmint Rhino strippers, body chains have made a serious statement at Coachella.  and for good reason.. they’re hot. Head to and you can actually buy one off of my body (I’m their ecommerce model).

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: body chain

<<Belts over Basics.

Gigi nailing the fun mid-waist belt over a basic AND the head scarf?   P.S. that’s Bieber.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: head scarf

<<One Piece Bathingsuit 

Coachella isn’t just the festival.. it’s the parties!  With an astericks on pool parties.  One piece bathing suits are still in… and surprisingly hot if you buy one that fits well.  The two suits on the left are from NightCap.  My swimsuit (on the right) I got from ebay and it fell apart after 1 wash.  When you’re ready to hit the festival, throw on that denim distressed skirt and your fringe jacket and you’re golden.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: one piece bathing suit

<<Flat booties. 

I’ve tried sandals and sure they’re cute for awhile… then it’s dark and everyone is all kinds of fucked jumping on top of your toes.  You get home and your cute pedicure is ruined and your feet are so black that even an hour soak in the bath doesn’t clean off the grime.  Worse, now your spray tan is gone from your calves down from the soak!  Anyways, these Free People snakeskin booties are the coachella shoes of my dreams.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: v cut booties

snakeskin accessories
jeffrey campbell snakeskin booties

Hats & head scarves. 

It’s hot, sunny and dusty… hats aren’t just cute they’re essential.  Vanessa Hudgens and this dude get it.

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: hats

<< Backpacks.

100% necessary for hands-free dancing. I’m pretty into this one from Liebskind

2017 Coachella Fashion trends: Fringe Backpack



Happy Coachella! If you see me out there, say hi!


coachella fashion

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