I’m a Coachella dinosaur. Well maybe not if you factor in the actual history of the festival, but I’ve been around since Coachella became a fashion show, and secondarily a music venue (well really, secondarily a sphere for experiential marketing and branded parties, but that’s for another post). So, I’ve seen it all. From flower crowns and daisy prints to fringe and felt conductor hats, to this year’s theme ‘naked with touches of neon and snakeskin’. Kidding. Kind of.

This year, I bypassed the neon trend and went for animal prints and neutrals. And while I missed my hot pink sequins from last years Beychella, I have never been more comfortable in this chella’s choices. Normally, I stress endlessly about what to wear and shop like a lunatic curating the perfect on-point looks. This year, I was already in the desert for a few weeks (filming a Hallmark summer movie!), and hadn’t given much thought to Coachella until it was too late even for Revolve’s expedited shipping.

Shop my look: Skirt, Booties, Bag: Amazon // Top: For Love & Lemons // Glasses: Prive Reveaux // Jacket: Vintage hand destroyed // Glasses Chain: Forever 21 //

coachella fashion at revolve festival

Shop My Look: Swim: Gigi C Bikini // Bag: Deux Lux // Skirt: Nasty Gal // Earrings: Forever 21 // Sunnies: Quay // Bandana: Scarf I picked up from a French vintage store

Coachella fashion guide
Coachella tips

Shop My Look: Pants: Forever21 // Top: Amazon Fashion // Jacket: Blank NYC // Bodychain: Fashion You Up



  1. FESTY BESTY –not everyone is cut out for the festival life, vet your companions well before embarking on your weekend trip. What you’re looking for: easy going, low maintenance, chill
  2. KEEP YOUR FEET as happy as possible by wearing broken in flat booties or sneaks. Only wear sandals if you feel like losing a toe.
  3. DONT BE TOO AMBITIOUS – there’s no need to get to the festival when it opens. Aim to arrive everyday around 5pm or you’ll get burnt out in the relentless heat
  4. HYDRATE – you won’t be able to drink enough water, stay hydrated and reapply sunblock on repeat.
  5. SPRING FOR VIP – A vip ticket will offer you a more relaxing – and less taxing – experience. You’ll have access to the VIP main stage viewing area, bars and restaurants (where the best food is!) and the Rose Garden VIP bars, food and viewing area. But best of all – you can enter through a less crowded special entrance!
  6. BRING A JACKET – temperatures can drop fast when the sun goes down, always bring a jacket – which can double as something to sit if you ignored my #3 advice.

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