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Happy Birthday Papa
March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa

My best friend turned 62 today. Born into a poor family comprised of a single mother, 4 siblings and dozens of cats, chickens and rabbits, Dennis didn’t last more than a few days past his...

Pass the Bubbly
February 16, 2012

Pass the Bubbly

The daunting pessimism about the future is inescapable today. Growing up in a country embedded in individualism and the pursuit of materialistic prosperity, my generation is inundated with the notion that success is measured solely by wealth....

September 16, 2011


Despite my previous blog, I have always been a proud Bostonian, and there’s no better time to appreciate MA than fall. Fenway franks taste even better when there’s a crispness in the air.  And while...

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