4 Best Organic Skincare Products for Summer (under $25)!

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We couldn’t be more excited for our partnership with Better Organic Skincare! They are a platform that sells a curated list of European grade organic, all-natural and cruelty-free products. Even for anal bleaching, they have natural ways to do it with cream instead of going to dangerous surgery. Isn’t it wonderful? I won’t preach why it’s better to shop organic (too much)… but your skin is your biggest organ, what you put on it becomes absorbed into your body.  The bottom line: Stop polluting your body with chemicals to live a healthier, less environmentally hazardous, life.

Every month I’ll be featuring a different product, or set of products and giving my honest feedback and review. I’ll also be hosting fun giveaways, so stay tuned on @organictravel — To enter to win this bundle, click HERE!

For August, I just couldn’t narrow it down.. so I’m going to talk about the 4 products that have SAVED my skin this summer and why I couldn’t live without ’em!

The 4 Organic Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

best organic vitamin c serum

1.MORGANA’S ALCHEMY: Fresh Effects 10% Vitamin C Serum ($25 + 20% off with code CHELSEA). Vitamin C has always been a staple in my morning routine, but Morgana’s Alchemy has stepped the game up with this fresh effects serum. This thick serum glides over my large pores, fills in wrinkle lines and leaves a matte – yet luminous – finish. For me, it works as a hybrid between a serum + a primer. It keeps my T-zone from shining in the heat, and is the perfect base for bb cream or foundation. I recommend this product for someone with oily or combination skin, large pores and fine lines.

2.COCOROO: Total Rejavanation Coffee Scrub ($19.95 + 20% off with code CHELSEA). This scrub is everything. When I get into the shower I apply a thin layer of the scrub everywhere – yes even on my face. When I’m nearing the end of the shower, I start massaging the coffee granules in my skin to sloth away dry, tired and uneven skin. The amount of pressure I use dictates how deep the exfoliation is. When I finally rinse off the grinds, a silky soft shea butter and coconut oil layer is left on my skin. It’s seriously divine. I use the scrub before I go to the beach to reveal softer, smoother skin with less visible signs of cellulite and stretch marks. Coffee grinds works to reduce signs of cellulite by increasing circulation, which helps plump the affected area. I recommend this product for anyone who is yearning for a luxurious body scrub that will leave their skin glowing.

3.WREN NATURAL: Pink Grapefruit Deodorant for Sensitive Skin ($12 + 20% off with code CHELSEA). Once I got over applying this deodorant with my fingers… I fell in love. It’s been a long road of trial and error for me in the world of natural deodorants and I’m so grateful I finally found one that works for me. Bonus points that the pink grapefruit scent is divine. I recommend this product for anyone looking for an organic deodorant that actually works.

4.MAKEUP ERASER: The Original ($20 + 20% off with code CHELSEA). I was in absolute shock by how well this seemingly normal towel works at removing makeup. Everynight I soak a corner of the towel and start making gentle circles across my face as the makeup transfers from my face to the towel.  The side without the tag is a little more gentle, and to be used first.  The tag side is more for exfolitatin, and is to be used second.   This is the most effective and lazy way to get makeup off, and I’m hooked.  Bonus points that I have stopped wasting money and the environment on makeup wipes, cotton rounds and makeup remover.  Prior to first use, the Makeup Eraser should be washed and dried.  I recommend this product for anyone who wears makeup and doesn’t want to get wrinkles by tugging your face to get that waterproof mascara off.  Or anyone who doesn’t want to get acne because they never truly get all of their makeup off.  

Use code CHELSEA to get 20% off your entire order at Better Organic Skincare! Do you have a favorite organic skincare product you want me to check out? Get in touch with me on the contact page, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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