Best Acting Studios in Los Angeles

You probably couldn’t have come to a better place for ratings on LA’s BEST Acting Classes. As a cut throat theatrical agent, I’ve done extensive research to determine the most accredited programs.  As a hopeful starlet, I’ve graced the majority of these studios with an open mind.
There are many amazing acting coaches in Los Angeles, but these names are recognizable and will take your craft and your resume to the next level.
you’re welcome.
BOOKING THE AUDITION: Brian Reise Studio. Perfect class for someone completely new to auditioning.  You’ll learn cold reads, how to audition for the camera, where to stand, how to dress, what headshot is appropriate.  The whole nine yards.  This is a business approach.

TECHNIQUE/SCENE STUDY: Aaron Speiser Studio.  If Brian Reise’s classes are book the audition, Aaron Speiser is keep the job. Check my previous rave review on Aarons studio — These classes go beyond the sides and teach the concrete techniques of how to envelop a scene and get into character without losing sight of your scene objective.
CASTING DIRECTOR WORKSHOPS: TVI and Actors Key. Both are great, they just get different names.  Shoot for the workshops with CDs and associates currently working on shows you could actually be cast on.  If you’re overweight and you have a slight lisp, going to see the casting department for a soap opera or Pretty Little Liars probably isn’t going to be that helpful.  Also, chose a scene that is relatable to the CDs current genre.
MEISNER TECHNIQUE: The Ruskin School   This is for the actor who needs a method and theory, someone with a lot (2+ years) of time on their hands to develop their craft. This is a life changing program for anyone who is ready for it.  Plus the classes are held in a airport hanger turned theater.  bad. ass.
IMPROV (Physical): Groundlings.  Let go of your inhibitions, find your voice and live in your actions.  This is an over the top theatrical stage approach to improv, but it breaks down barriers and will have you thinking on your feet in no time.  Plus the recognizable name is fabulous for a resume.
IMPROV (sketch comedy): UCB or Second City.  If Groundlings is slapstick humor, UCB and Second City are political science sketches.  Still improv games and fun, but with a bit more wit than Groundlings.
LEGENDARY: Ivana Chubbuck.  While considered a method class, Ivanna will give you it all – and make sure no student is left with an unanswered question.  You don’t become a hollywood legend for nothing, right?
NEW FAME: Anthony Meindl. Fun and fabulous.  Anthony cultivates a comfortable environment where students of any level can feel at home being critiqued on his stage.
COMMERCIAL AUDITIONING: Carolyne Barry. A theatrical character study approach to commercial auditioning? ingenious.  This is how you book a commercial.
HOSTING: Marki Costello.  There’s no competition when it comes to hosting in Los Angeles.  She will teach you everything from reporting to green screen to actually finding and book the job.

COMMUNITY: Beverly Hills Playhouse.  A serious time commitment, but worth it for a new actor moving to LA and new to the auditioning world.  In addition to the 8-10 hours of class/stage time per week, small groups meet to discuss their progress in LA and map out their plan of action. you end up visiting any of these fine establishments, make sure to name drop me as your reference 🙂

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