A Weekend in Stowe, Vermont: Skiing!


1. don’t ski if there’s a frost bite warning.  You didn’t listen to me and bought tickets anyways because your a true new englander and you ain’t afraid of no frigid ghosts.  Dummies.  Go back inside and get a turtle fur neck warmer, you’re going to thank me when you hit the top of the mountain and the thermometer reads 26 below.  yepp. below.

2. Waste no time or money at the mansfield base lodge.  The food is akin to fast food, but less tastey and double the price and you won’t find seating, ever.  Eat lunch at Octagon on top of the mountain or Cliff house if you’re feeling fancy.  Another fabulous option is the great room grille and spruce bar.  Get the chili (the real one – don’t try to save calories for the chicken chili like i did).  With all the fixins.3.  Save your hot chocolate craving and opt for apple cider, it’s locally brewed and tastes orgasmic. ok i’m pushing it with orgasmic, but in below 26 degree weather warm sand would probably go down okay.  Either way, I’m a sucker for locally produced ..and the cider really is damn good.

4.  Get cheddar cheese.  on everything.  Also locally produced and it’s incredibly sharp and scrumptious.

5.  Don’t get a half day.  You only save $10.  Stop whining, get out of bed, and make a day of it.

6. If you’re on a snowboard, don’t attempt Toll Road, Armandos Alley or Cut Across.  You’ll end up cursing up a snow-storm as you unstrap your board to walk “down” the uphill trail.

7. Keep chapstick readily available for Upper Sterling.  It’s so pretty you’ll want to stop and steal smooches at least twice.

8. Ear warmers are a gimmick.  And an embarrassing fashion faux pas one at that.

9. waterproof mascara, chapstick and …if you must.. bronzer.  that’s it.  You’ll get judged more for wearing makeup and “looking presentable” then you will for letting your freckles and (gasp) real skin color show.  Ski resorts are one of the last places where pretty isn’t measured by the length of your eye lashes or tint of your cheeks.  Lets embrace this chicas.

10. return your ski cards (fancy huh!), you’ll get reimbursed $10.

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