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A Guide to One day in Florence, Italy!

Florence is easy.  [What isn’t is finding a good place to eat.. best food in Florence here!] You don’t need an inside guide to tell you the best way to maximize your time in this adorable italian city.  But since you’re here.. and I’ve got some photos to share, here’s an itinerary for one perfect day in Florence:

Stroll down the famous Ponte Vecchio,


Have gelato at la carraia for breakfast,


Climb the Duomo steps and peer inside this magnificent church,


Get lost,


Eat the best sandwich of your entire life at All’Antico sandwich for lunch,


get your snapshot at piazzale MichaelangeloIMG_7563

and spend a bit of quality time in Galleria dell’Accademia.   Round out your day with dinner at L’Oseria Giovanni.


Just relax, and enjoy the city for a full day or two before venturing out to explore the rolling hills of Tuscany.  This might be my shortest post ever, but Florence doesn’t need more than that.  It’s nicknamed the outdoor museum for a reason… it’s a place where you’ve got to just open your eyes and take it all in.

End the day in your private hotub at Ville sull’arno and watch the river drift by under the moonlight.  This hotel is just far enough away from the tourists, but close enough to take one of the free bicycles a few minutes into the heart of the city.


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