Holidays LOL

Thanksgiving Thankful List:

Seems rather moronic to opt out on my hometown, THE land of our forefathers where the pilgrims landed and the first thanksgiving meal was enjoyed, in favor of another superficial turkey day in LA, but rising fuel costs and a suppressive work schedule has left me no other choice.

What I’m usually thankful for in good ol’ Plymouth MA:

-food on the table

What I’m thankful for when observing Tday in 90210:

-instagram filters that make me look tanner
-essie nail polish
-being a real blonde
-the gas app that shows me the less astronomically priced gas station in my area -trader joe’s wine selection -push up bras -living in a place where no one calls you out for bullshiting because they’re too self absorbed to really listen to your story anyways

-george clooney
-vip lists
-sprinkles holiday cupcake
-tree lightings that start in October
-no really, thank you Siri, I wouldn’t be here without you
-my twitter followers
-friending enough creeps that no uploaded photo goes unliked – no matter how obnoxious it may be
-not being knocked up yet

Well that’ll do for now.  I’m exhausted from all that time spent outside of my comfortable state of self glorification.

…For the record, thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I adore cooking and relish in the chance to take center burner and show off my kitchen skills.  But the real beauty of Thanksgiving is the ability to leave the technological nightmare we’ve wrapped ourselves in and enjoy the company of the people you hold dearest to your heart.  I am so lucky for the two most loving parents, a devilishly handsome boyfriend, and a slew of friends and family that haven’t caught on that i’m not worthy of their steadfast support, love and comical relief.

I am so grateful that i feel this insatiable passion for life, and that I’m genuinely excited to wake up each day and make a difference in my life – and hopefully the lives of one or two others.

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