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Chai Chagaccino: Anti-Aging Superlatte!

Mushrooms are having a moment. From Reishi to Lions Mane to Chaga – the ancient medicinal powers of these superfoods are hitting the Western market with a vengeance …and I’m here for it.

Unfortunately, my wallet isn’t on the same page. Chagaccinos are on every trendy cafe menu throughout Los Angeles, and I’ve become all too accustomed to ordering one with oat milk. These drinks are absolutely delicious and have no added sugar (if you choose a milk substitute that doesn’t have added sugar), but they cost $7-8 dollars. If I’ve had one 5x per week for the past 5 months… sometimes in addition to a regular latte… well…

Well the point is, I’m here with a solution. This chagaccino I’ve concocted uses chai tea in place of espresso, so you won’t get the post drink jitters. If you wanted a completely caffeine free chai, I’ve linked to one below, but the brand I use in BonTemps because they are free of bleach, dyes, plastic and metal. I use tea bags instead of the chai mix to skip all of the extra added sugars and unnecessary processing.

But Wait, Why should I be having Chaga again???

Chaga has been toted as a ‘miracle mushroom’ for ions on account of its plentiful health benefits. There are *claims* that chaga can help slow the aging process, lower cholesterol, support your immune system, lower blood sugar, fights inflammation, and even fight and prevent cancer! (link to cancer study) On top of all that it is an incredibly nutrient-dense superfood. *chants* Chaga! Chaga! Chaga!

Anything special about Chai Tea?

Chai tea has properties that can improve digestion, alleviate nausea, lessen aches and pains, and boost overall immune support and cell health.

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