On the North shore of Oahu there are a few little shops that sell a little bite of heaven: North Shore Goodies coconut peanut butter.
Now, I will never be able to recreate their magic.  Even if I could – it wouldn’t taste the same to enjoy it on toast in West Hollywood.   The North Shore Goodie’s coconut peanut butter is an experience to enjoy with a spoon and your soulmate while you watch the sun set from Turtle Bay. (Curious to read more about my guide to O’ahu? Click here!)
This peanut butter recipe won’t give you that.  But it comes as close as my food processor will take me.

I generally just eat it right from the jar….

but it also tastes divine on toast with banana, honey and cacao Nibs.

Or to really make it taste like Hawaii…

blend it into your açai or smoothie bowl!

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Don’t stop here with the coconut peanut butter! Throw a whole luau with this healthy Mai Tai recipe 🙂

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