Battle of the Beauty Boxes: Ipsy vs BoxyCharm vs Icon

What’s the difference between Ipsy and boxycharm

There’s nothing better than a ‘present’ (girl math) of name brand makeup and skincare dropping at your door every month. I’ve been a boxycharmer for 5+ years and, let me tell you, the excitement never gets old.  But awhile back Ipsy and Boxycharm merged and I started getting both! (I know, I’m a glutton) I post spoilers every month on my tiktok @chelseagilson – but I figured it was time I share my insights here for anyone who is beauty box subscription curious.

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5 trial/travel sized items every month worth up to $70 for $14/mo, cancel anytime.

Let’s kick things off with Ipsy. Ipsy is all about customization, tailoring each box to your unique preferences through their beauty quiz. Whether you’re a skincare junkie, a makeup maven, or a haircare aficionado, Ipsy’s got you covered.

Perfect for me because:

  • I’m always on the go & I’m never checking a bag.  I love having a drawer full of mini trials to take with me instead of lugging the full size bottle of face wash only to have it explode or get taken by TSA
  • Allows me to sample and discover brands before investing in them.


5 full size items every month worth up to $300 for $30/mo, cancel anytime.

Now, let’s turn our attention to BoxyCharm. If you crave full-size products and major bang for your buck, BoxyCharm is the name of the game. Each month, subscribers are treated to a curated selection of full-size makeup, skincare, and beauty tools worth over $100. With brands like Tarte, Anastasia, Too Faced, Murad, and Becca gracing their boxes, BoxyCharm is a beauty lover’s paradise. Each month you can choose your preference of a few of the items ahead of the box being sent.

Perfect for me because:

  • There is always something so luxurious and expensive I’d never want to spend my money on. Like JLos Sleep mask overnight lotion.
  • Allows me to discover brands – and give the product a real try – before I make a decision on whether or not I’d purchase again.
  • I haven’t bought a new eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush or bronzer in YEARS thanks to boxycharm.
  • I keep a bag at my house of extra products I don’t want/need and I give them to friends on their birthdays!


Quarterly subscription box of 8 full sized beauty items (you choose 3) worth up to $350 for $60/every 3 months

Honorable mention to Icon Box, Ipsy’s quarterly big baller subscription. 8 full sized items for $60 is bananas when you start adding up the cost of everything in the box.  Big fan for all the obvious reasons.


Check out one of my spoiler TikTok’s to see the different items in each box:


@IPSY – so what *is* the difference? #giftedbyipsy

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