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14 Day Master Cleanse Plan with Supplements

I’ve been blessed with skinny genes. I come from a line of slenders and while ill never have breasts over a b cup (at best), it would be really hard for me to eat enough to actually be fat. This past few months tho, my blessing has felt much more like a curse. I used to eat well and exercise for two days to lose my pouch …now it seems like everything is just getting puffier and well, fatter, no matter how many hours I log at the gym.......

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Juice Detox Cleanse: Day 2
October 18, 2012

Juice Detox Cleanse: Day 2

It’s 1:30pm of Juicin’ day two and at this point I’d juice a snickers bar if I didn’t despise cleaning up the horrific mess the juicer makes. I’m really only continuing this facade to prove...

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