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Dieting: Staying on Track During Cookout Season

PUBLISHED FOR CAREPILOT.COM BLOG (AUGUST 2013)         Greetings from day 10 at my family’s home in Plymouth, MA! While I love visiting my favorite little speck on the map more than anything, the trip really tests my willpower and inevitably expands my waistline in the most undesirable ways.          Each morning, I wake up to chocolate chip pancakes, eggs benedict, bacon and cheese danishes I grew up begging for. Lunch and dinners are heavy meals of lasagnas, meatloaves and steaks, followed by an......

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Juice Detox Cleanse: Day 2
October 18, 2012

Juice Detox Cleanse: Day 2

It’s 1:30pm of Juicin’ day two and at this point I’d juice a snickers bar if I didn’t despise cleaning up the horrific mess the juicer makes. I’m really only continuing this facade to prove...

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