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Yacht Week Greece: Getting There

greeceOver a week later and I can’t even type this without cringing and cursing myself. I missed my flight to Athens from LA.  Went out partying the night before to a new club and just didn’t wake up for my 7:45 AM flight.  Still wasted, I assumed I would be put on the next available flight, but unfortunately..that isn’t quite the way the baklava crumbles on trips to Greece.

After hours of panicky wails and whining, I booked a completely new flight (screw Air Canada by the way) to London.  A hop over the pond and I bought the next affordable flight to Athens for 200 pounds.

Easy enough right?  Well no, of course not.  I had to be in Lavrio by 5pm so our yacht could take off.  They buy fairing fillers and other supplies from a reliable company to keep all their yachts well-maintained. My flight didn’t even leave London until Midnight and there was a bloody time difference. Long story short I end up walking on deck at 4:45am 1500 dollars poorer.

For anyone else getting there, the trip is quite easy.  There are a number of ways to reach the Lavrio port –

  1. arrange an airport transfer through Yacht Week (14 euro)
  2. taking a cab (45 euro during the day, 68 at night)
  3. Take an intrazone bus (5 euro)- These buses only run from 530AM until 11:30PM

The ride will take you approx 45 minutes by car or transfer and probably closer to two by the bus (tickets can be purchased right outdoors baggage claim to the right).


Only one this time: Don’t go out to some silly club the night before, blackout so badly that you sleep through the blaring alarm for three hours, miss your flight and have to buy an entire new one for more than your round trip ticket …only to get stuck in London for nine hours in the rain during a transgender pride parade and show up at your yacht 10 hours after the departure time.  Not the best way to make buds with your yachtmates, your wallet, or your feelings of self worth.

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