cusco and machu picchu 7 day guide

On October 21 – 27, I took an intimate group to Cusco & Machu Picchu for a vegan (well I wanted it to be – vegan was vetoed unanimously once we arrived) yoga and healing tour of the Sacred Valley and this is our complete itinerary.

Once the mysticism of Peru calls you, you are destined to go.

Peru is one of those special travel spots that truly needs to be experienced by all five senses.  To feel the ground under your feet as you hike the last step of Machu Picchu Mountain, run your hands along a just woven tapestry in Pisca Market, soak up invaluable life lessons from a local Shaman?  That is Peru.

A place you need to taste the local flavor, engage with the vibrant culture, and marvel at the jaw-dropping landscape.  Peru has something for every type of traveller, from the romantic historian to the athletic adventurer to the spiritual seeker to the foodie connoisseur.  And our specially curated vegan retreat is the perfect accumulation of everything that makes Peru just so unique.  We invite you to journey deep within yourself as you journey deep into one of the worlds 7 new wonders: Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley

willow and Blair Chelsea Gilson

<< |  ITINERARY  | >>


Bienvenidos! Welcome to Peru!

Upon arrival at Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ), you will be met by a driver and assisted with your bags for a private transfer to the hotel.

(**When searching for flights, we’ve found that it’s cheaper to fly to Lima, then book a separate flight between lima & Cusco)

For those that have arrived, we will meet at 4:00 PM for a welcome intention-setting ceremony and a light yoga sequence to help you recover from your travels.  For dinner, we will be joining Peruvian shamans for a raw vegan meal over discussion on Andean wisdoms.

Costa Del Sol Ramada Cusco | Meals: D


After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we will set off with our yoga mats to explore Cusco.  A short walk through the centro and we will arrive at the base of the Saqsaywaman hike.  The grand build of the archaeological site Saqsaywaman remains a mystery today, for the enormous stones were too large for humans to lift without machinery, and the stones fit together so perfectly that not even a blade of grass can pass through.  Many claim that there must have been divine intervention from Shamans, and that as a result the location holds spiritual significance.  The Incas called it the House of the Sun, so it is only fitting that we will practice our sun salutations on site after the short hike.

For lunch, we will be visiting one of the fresh farm-to-table eateries in town for a vegan lunch.

After freshening up at the hotel, we will get a taste of local life at the colorful San Pedro Market.  Our guide will weave us through the market, picking up the ingredients we will need for our Peruvian classic cooking class with a vegan twist.

Costa Del Sol Ramada Cusco | Meals: B, L, D


Shortly after breakfast, we will depart with our luggage on a guided tour of the history of Cusco and the major attractions surrounding this sacred city.  Our driver will bring us to Pisac to explore the infamous narrow market stalls selling authentic handicrafts, learning of the cultural significance of this rural farming region. From there, we will stop for a lunch at Alma Amour, an organic farm-to-table Peruvian restaurant with vegan options.  The restaurant is located in the quaint village town of Ollantaytambo (or Ollanta as the locals call it), which provides us with the best surviving example of Inca city planning.

The tour will end at our new home, the Taypikala Delux Valle Sagrado.

We will meet in the late afternoon for a rigorous yoga class to release city tensions and build strength for tomorrow’s adventure.

Taypikala Deluxe Valle Sagrado Urubamba | Meals: B, L, D


Rising with the sun, we will set out early for our scenic 1.5 hour train ride to Machu Picchu.

Once inside, we will embark on a 3 hour scenic mountain hike.  You can expect moderate difficulty, with some steep steps.  The views of Machu Picchu below will undoubtedly be breathtaking, and we will savor the moment with grounding pranayama and meditation before descending back to the base.

We will enjoy our packed lunches picnic style and have plenty of time for photos with the llamas.  After lunch, our guide will meet us for a full tour of Machu Picchu, its mystifying history, and its spiritual significance.

Before sun fall, we will board the scenic train, and make the journey back to our hotel.

Tonight, we will eat dinner at the hotel and partake in a restorative yoga class.  Ideally under the stars, if the weather permits.

Taypikala Deluxe Valle Sagrado Urubamba | Meals: B, L, D


Today we return to Cusco.  But first, we’ll soak up the natural beauty of our majestic surroundings by delving into a challenging inversion and arm balance workshop on the hotel grounds.

Upon checkout, we will be picked up for a tour of Chinchero, Moray, and Moras.  We’ll drive through beautifully snow-capped mountains to reach Moray, the infamous Inca agricultural experiment.  This is the amphitheatre style circular stone rings that is frequently photographed. The Maras are where we will visit the gorgeous pools of nearly 3000 salt mines carved into the hillside of this lovely village town.  Chinchero will be a special spot for us to learn about the tradition of weaving from locals.

For those of you looking for a serious adrenaline rush and unparalleled views, we will zip line high above the Sacred Valley.

Back in Cusco, we will check into the Atiq Boutique Hotel. The terrace bar is a lovely spot for an evening cocktail or mate de coca.  You’re free to enjoy dinner at your leisure tonight.

Atiq Hotel Boutique Cusco | Meals: B, L


After a nourishing vegan breakfast at the hotel, we will come together for meditation, yoga and pranayama.  Spend the rest of your day as you wish, as Cusco is one of those marvellous places to get lost down quaint alley after quaint alley until you find something that speaks to you.  Maybe you’ll shop for souvenirs, or visit a nearby museum, or just maybe, you’ll find yourself at Inca Spa partaking in a renewal massage treatment.

We will meet together this evening for a special sound healing experience with the Healing House Cusco, followed by our final vegan dinner together.

Atiq Hotel Boutique Cusco| Meals: B, D


Today, at the end of our journey, you will feel profoundly different than you did 7 days ago.  And we will celebrate this beautiful change within the circle of our new friends that have likely become family. After nourishing our bodies with our final vegan breakfast together, we will have a closing yoga ceremony.  This one will be, both a reflection and a renewal, giving you the tools to implement lasting change in your life long after the trip has ended.

Atiq Hotel Boutique Cusco | Meals: B

This tour is open to males and females, over the age of 18.  All levels of fitness will be accommodated, but please reach out ahead of time with your specific concerns so we can make special arrangements if need be.  Although this is marketed as a vegan tour, we welcome all dietary preferences. Quality of food and restaurants will never be compromised, as enjoying the local cuisine is one of our greatest travel joys.  We will not be eating at vegan exclusive restaurants on this trip, but rather have ensured there are vegan options available for all meals provided.

PER PERSON for a single room $2500,  Save 20% if you book a twin share with a friend (shared room price: $2000) 

**Use code ‘VEGAN10’ for 10% off through June!
 Contact me at for more information.  When looking up flights, I suggest looking for flights to Lima, and booking Lima – Cusco flights separately for a more economical option. 










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