The Best Healthy Cold Broccoli Salad!

Ok, I know I can idolize my recipes and build myself up in my blog as a super chef, but this cold broccoli salad really is absolutely delicious.

I don’t think I’ll ever go to a barbeque without bringing this refreshing and HEALTHY salad. It’s to die for delicious and appealing to the eye.  double score.  Plus I make it so easy for everyone to skip the trip to the store with all of the substitutions I offer!

enoughs enough.  Here is my recipe for:

Chelsea infamous healthy cold broccoli salad

1. Spray pan with pam then add a few tsp of water and a few of apple cider vinegar (if no apple cider sub oil or vinegar with a dash of brown sugar)

2. On medium heat add a handful of fresh cranberries (if you only have craisins, raisins or another dried fruit, it’s totally ok, just hold off on this step.. we’ll add them later!) 

3. add 1/4 of a chopped onion and splash with lemon juice (juice from 1/2 lemon if you have a real lemon!), 1 tsp of ginger, cinnamon, basil, garlic and cracked pepper. Lastly sprinkle with 3 tsp of coconut

4. Let cook for 12-15 minutes, stirring occasionally until the onions are slightly browned.  Some of your cranberries should have popped, leave the ones that didn’t

5.  transfer contents to a bowl and refrigerate until cooled

6. Before serving add 1/2 of a firm red apple, cubed with skin on, 1/4 cup of vanilla flavored yogurt (i like to use low fat greek, but it really doesn’t matter! If you only have plain then use that and either add a tsp of vanilla extract)  

7.  Serve and wait for the praise!! 🙂

Possible additions/substitutions: 
-salted sunflower seeds would be perfect in here, but any nut you have can be thrown in.  Pistachios would be divine too! 

-radishes in place of or in addition to apples 

-chopped dates, prunes, dried apricots, craisins or raisins in place of the fresh cranberries.  I would have used dates if I had ’em

-If you are using plain yogurt instead of 1 tsp vanilla extract you could substitute 1 tsp of honey or use honey flavored yogurt.  If you want to try with a mixed berry yogurt I’m sure that would be fine too, but make sure it’s not the fruit on the bottom ones! 

-well cooked pancetta or bacon pieces, if you do this make sure to use plain yogurt instead of vanilla.  If you do bacon it might be nice to sub a tsp of maple syrup for the lemon juice too! Or you could do 3-4 tsp of balsamic dressing with the plain yogurt 

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