EDC Las Vegas: What to Expect

It has taken me a full week to digest EDC Las Vegas… And I’m still not fully sure that I’ve made sense of the whirlwind adventure.

Here’s a few of my lessons learned. Ill post more soon, but I feel compelled to share the best.. And craziest.. weekend of my life with you.

1. The festival starts at 6pm. And goes until 6am. I know. Ludicrous. This is something you should seriously mull over. I didn’t find out until I was driving up to
Vegas. Panic ensues.

2. Talking about driving. Don’t. Buy a flight a few months ahead of time. Or better yet flirt your way into a private jet.

3. I know. You waited too long and all the flights are foolishly expensive. You now have two options. You can drive on thurs or sat am. We left sat at 6am. You cannot leave la at any time on Friday and think you’ll get there in any less than 6 hours.

4. Getting from your hotel to the festival and back home again sucks …if you’re not fabulous. We ranked semi fabulous so we got to take the complimentary artist bus instead of the 80 Dollar wait for 4 hours peasant bus. The only real way to get there is via helicopter though. And anyone whose anyone is traveling via heli. Word is they have a little sponsored bar at the launch pad. Talk about luxury.

5. A regular wristband gets you into the festival where you can walk to all 6 stages, watch all the parades, go on the rides, eat, drink, and rage your face off with the happiest people on earth (yes more so than kids at Disney). The VIP brings you to a separate elevated area at the back of main stage. There is a full service sit down restaurant and bar here. The artist, Guest wristbands or a marquee wristband admits you to marquees bottle service area and backstage of the other stages. And the coveted guest of Pasquale or Jason Strauss wrist band gets you to an even more exclusive bottle service area.

6. Dress appropriately. It’s hot and dusty and you’re going to be dancing for 12 hours. Heels probably aren’t your best bet. Closed toe sneaks, neon and crop tops is perfect. Tu tus and furry boots with pasties isn’t quite me… But be my guest if this is what you’re after. You’ll fit right in with the ravers pushing towards the stage.

7. This is a drug culture. Watch your drink and don’t be pressured into take Molly or ecstasy or whatever else everyone is consuming if you don’t want to. Believe me, the show is mind altering enough without the enhancement of drugs.

Embrace this experience. We’re living history in the way our parents did at Woodstock. This is the modern hippie festival where everyone has the free love mantra. The stages, lights, headliners and production is out of this world, over the top, amazing. Your senses will be shocked; you’ll be dazzled and wowed beyond your wildest fantasies. If you’re lucky enough to get one of the passes to the bottle service tables… Well enjoy that too but don’t be afraid to walk around and experience the festival for all that it is. You’ll feel exhausted and lifeless after three long days, but honestly it is
worth it. I promise.

Peace. Love. Unity. ��

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