Globe Trotting

Medellin to Santa Marta, Getting There

Medellin is one of those infectious places that if you miss your flight, whether on purpose or not, you run the risk of staying forever. And it was tempting.  Another ‘hot havana night’ in the salsa club and I might have fallen pray to the Medellin drug.  No, not cocaine, but something much more irresistable – the passion of the city and the people who inhabit it. But in the grand scheme of my travel itinerary, Medellin was just the jumping off point for a much more elaborate adventure....

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Most Memorable Travel Moment
April 27, 2013

Most Memorable Travel Moment

I was plopped right on the filthy floor of the airport.  My cheeks were stained with tears, my hair was matted into a messy pony tail and I distinctly remember sulking – as spoiled-only-children do...

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