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3 Reasons to Visit Bangkok, Thailand

Oh Bangkok, how do I even begin to describe you?  Delicious.  We’ll start there. You go to Bangkok to eat.  For some culture and an elephant ride? head to Chiang Mai. You’re looking for the white sand beaches?  Scoot over to Phuket.  But Bangkok?  This is where you go for the food …with an asterisk on street meat. Yum. You’re going to need to start prepping your stomach now for its expansion in Thailand.  Everything tastes pretty orgasmic.  The fruits are exotic and fresh, the meats flavorful and bold, the beers......

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Where & What to Eat in Paris
October 03, 2015

Where & What to Eat in Paris

Paris, like most tourist infested cities, is a mecca of over priced mediocre restaurants and bars.  You have to seriously do some investigative work to find a place worthy of spending your euro and expanding...

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