The 10 Commandments of a Southern Belle

The 10 Commandments of a Southern Belle

Now I have never been to At Lana Geooorgia, nor have I ever said bless his heart aloud, but my character study class at Aaron Speiser Studio led me to delve into a world that has always captivated my curiosity – that of a Southern Belle.

With the help of a good friend with Southern roots and some fabulous literature, I have concocted my own rendition of the 10 Commandments of the Southern Belle:

1.  There are two books that should be worn down to the binding by the age of 12: your bible and your etiquette book.   Well of course and a copy of “Gone with the Wind.”

2. A true debutante would never cuss in front of her Momma or Daddy, let alone out in a public forum. Nor shall she chew gum, smoke cigarettes or become visibly drunk in a social setting.

3. Confusion and helplessness are fabulous tools, use them wisely and often to get your way.  But stand your ground – a southern belle does not get double crossed, by anyone.

4. You must never leave the house without having your face on.  You never know who you’ll run into at the Club — or even at the local grocers.  This goes for keeping nails chip free and curls perfectly pinned. Your hair can never be too big and your smile can never be too white.

5. A belle is born with real pearls and a set of fine silverware. And God bless her soul if she ever tries to pass of faux pearls for the real deal.  That is a Southern federal offense.  As is wearing white shoes after Memorial Day or before Easter – brides are the only exception.

6.  Always be peachy.. to everyone you meet.  You never know who is related to your future husband. Plus we girls take pride in our manners and charm – it practically oozes out of my pores! (which I might add are minuscule due to my strict face washing routine).  Oh wait, there is one exception to this rule.  Yankees.

7.  You are a jesus lovin, bible school teachin’ Baptist – but your second religion is football. Can I get an amen! 

8. Pull out your fine china on weekdays and entertain as much as possible – there is no occasion too small for celebration! And might I add there is no celebration complete without a batch of the sweetest of sweet teas! Furthermore, thank you notes are a must. And it is never too early to write one.

9. Maintain a balance between community service, home making and a profession outside of the home. We are well educated Delta Pis who are not afraid to juggle it all if we so please! Of course, it is completely acceptable and almost enviable to have the luxury to dismiss the latter and allocate more time for life’s two guilty pleasures: shopping on Peachtree and trips to the beach. Personally.. too much work gives me the vapors.

10. Do not throw your sexuality around to attract a beaux. Act like a lady and you will find yourself a gentleman.


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