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Istanbul, Turkey.. You Have to Go

Stop Winching when I talk about my trip to Turkey. When I mention in conversation that I have just returned from a quick holiday there, I generally get the most unpleasant reactions. Italy, France and Switzerland elicit squeals of delight and curiosity… but their mediterranean cousin? Not so much.  But I get it.  There is a global spotlight on Turkey… and it is shedding light on the mass bombings, chaos, and thousands upon thousands of displaced Syrian refugees. Am I for a minute pretending that parts of Turkey aren’t extremely dangerous?......

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Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam
April 01, 2015

Visiting Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you’re in the business of bucketlist check offs then a trip to Vietnam would be insufficient without a junk boat cruise through Halong Bay.  Sanctioned by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the over...