Superbowlin in Southie

Superbowlin in Southie

Friday morning I chucked all of my precious belongings into an oversized tote and caught the train to Boston.

Initially, I planned to revisit Vegas for a superbowl weekend of binge drinking, gambling and trolling the clubs for Scott Disicks, but the New England fever got the best of me.

Maybe it was the prospect of trading stilletos and fake eye lashes for jeggings and flat boots.  Or cosmos and sushi for bud lights and buffalo chicken dip.  Or maybe my blood does have that NE pride running think no matter how much I deny it.   Whatever the reason, it seemed illogical, and even wrong, to spend superbowl Sunday anywhere other than Southie.

Friday flip cup with neighbors folded into putting in a 10 hour shift at Stats Bar & Grille. Stats is both horrible and fabulous at the same time.  You’ll run into everyone you had forgotten about from college, or high school, or that random time you drank keg beer on an E street rooftop party. Its cozy and clean (somewhat of an anomaly), the food is scrumptious — of course especially the pizza, nachos and buffalo chicken, and they serve pitchers of bud light for cheap!  I still spent $80, but two meals and a dozen drinks at $80 is qutie the bargain. Sat night at Whiskey Priest, of course.  We had to get classy at least one night, right?

Gameday started off at Cranberries, which I have to give a bunch of stars to.  This healthy and affordable cafe has everything from protein smoothies to homemade mufins to eggwhite omelettes and fresh soups.  The antique decorations, white washed walls and friendly baristas give a southern vibe to this hidden little gem. To experience the superbowl southie-style, we decided the only option was beer and making any appetizer we could douse in franks hot sauce.
Pats – epic loss.   Chelsea & Mary’s southie superbowl party experience – big W.

Exposed brick? so southie.
slugging mimosas? not so southie.
Buying your own andre champagne & generic brand oj to save money on mimosas? perhaps a little more southie.

Lessons Learned:
1.  If you’re at a bar long enough to order brunch and dinner, you’ve been there too long.
2. You must fake a Boston accent or you will be demonized. ok fine, well you’ll be suspiciously questioned about your origin.
3. Even if bars in southie have drink menus, they’re going to snicker at you if you ask for one.  Don’t do it.  If you did it anyways because you can’t follow directions, then when the bartender does roll her eyes snort and say you’re kidding you’ll have a pitcher of pbr. with one glass.
4.  Southie makes everything buffalo.  And thus, everything tastes so good.  Just get the buffalo chicken wings/pizza/bites/omelettes and feel bad about it some other time.  Southie gals aren’t calorie counters.  And they aren’t particularly receptive to the non-southians who order plain salads with grilled chicken or (gasp) get egg whites.


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