Skinny Shopper: Grocery List & Reading Labels

Skinny Shopper: Grocery List & Reading Labels

I quickly put together an easy shopping guide to take along to the grocery store.  For me, if there’s nothing to tempt me, then I can stay on track.  But I’ve never been one to have just the serving size of granola, or trail mix… or ‘healthy’ cookies.  So when I’m trying to slim down, I just don’t buy them!


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For Label Reading, I have this  quick video that explains how I decode a nutrition label:



Keep your eyes peeled for the organic label and you’re off to a good start.  I look for low sugar, low sodium and ingredients I’m excited to put in my body.  I don’t want soy, artificial flavors or colors, dairy or gluten.  It’s also important to take a peek at the number of servings — that’s usually where I run into problems!  I can easily munch on 5 servings of peanut butter without even realizing!


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