List of Promo Codes for my Favorite Brands!

List of Promo Codes for my Favorite Brands!

So one of the best perks of being a blogger is that you get to try a lot of amazing products for free.  Sometimes, you even get paid to try them (which is personally my favorite).  That being said, this blog is a true reflection of my opinions.  If I receive a product that I am not obsessed with, then I simply do not write a blog review for it.  Any product featured on TravelingFig is one that I endorse 100%.

Often after a review I will receive a promo code for a discount on future purchases.  Sometimes, I receive a commission off any sales made with this promo code and other times I do not.  Regardless, I’m going to share all of my recent promo codes and coupons in one place, because sharing is caring. And I want all of you to have the same deals on health & beauty goodies as me.  I will update this regularly, so stay tuned!


Chef V Cleanse: This organic detox program is my secret to weight loss.  I can’t say enough great things about this program. Use the promo code TRAVELINGFIG to receive 55% off any cleanse and free shipping.  For my full review click HERE.


ChefV promo code, organic detox weight loss cleanse




Macro Life Naturals: Deeelicious Superfood Powder! Use promo code CHELSEA to receive 15% of any order at  Check out my review HERE for recipes!





Alon Labs:  Miracle skin-saving serums.  Use the coupon code TRAVELINGFIG to receive 15% off your order at  Click here to read my full review.




Bridal Boost: Multivitamins formulated especially for the bride-to-be.  Check out my review here.  You can order directly through their website at THIS affiliate link.




PuppySnob – get 20% off your entire order at puppy snob discount



LACE ATELIER 25% off the most gorgeous lace robes and bridal accessories at the Lace Atelier  with promo code “TRAVFIG25”promo code discount for bridal robes


WEJOURNEY – Travel, and feel good about it, by giving back to the community you visit.  $100 off any trip at with promo code ‘CHELSEA’

discount at


HomeChef – fresh food delivered straight to your front door for cheaper than it would cost to buy all the ingredients yo’ self.  Creative dishes with easy to follow recipe cards.  Promo code here:

vegan fried plantain recipe

$30 free


Do you have a promo code to share or a product you want me to review? leave a comment below!


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