The Best of the US: Two Cross Country Road Trip Itineraries!

Perhaps the title gave it away, but this recent trip wasn’t my first excursion across the US in a camper with my dad. Five years ago, basically to the date, Mr. Gilson drove from Halifax, MA to Beverly Hills, CA, scooped me up, and we headed off on our greatest adventure.  Me, him, and Clara (a stray dog he picked up in the Mojave Desert) barreled across the US of A taking the 80/90 E to the 40E on a course that basically mirrored this map: I’ll just briefly......

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The perfect trip to Napa
August 24, 2015

The perfect trip to Napa

So you’ve got yourself a vacation booked to wine country do you?  Before you panic at the sheer magnitude of vineyards every guide book says you MUST visit, let me tell you some insider information....

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