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Unique First Date Ideas in Los Angeles

It’s Spring, and thus love (or rather lust) is in the air!  For any hopeless sap who fails time and again with first date nights, you’re in luck for stumbling across my blog.  You won’t be torturing your hopeful date at Supperclub or Rock n Reilys this spring.  Nor will you be stuck droning on and on about your botched childhood over a drawn out dinner. Not with these entertaining & action packed date night picks. If you fail to secure a second date after wooing and dazzling at......

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Winter in LA!
December 18, 2013

Winter in LA!

(APPEARS IN FALL 2013 PUBLICATION OF FGM MAGAZINE) While the majority of the country is bundled up and hunkered down in hibernation through the winter months, Los Angeles will drop to long sleeves and heat...

Fallin' for Autumn in LA
September 01, 2013

Fallin’ for Autumn in LA

AS SEEN IN FGMAGAZINE UNDER THE COLUMN ‘THE BUBBLY’ (fall 2013): Sure the leaves don’t change colors and float to the ground in Los Angeles, nor does the air fill with an undeniably clean crispness,...

A Perfect Night at The Magic Castle
August 18, 2013

A Perfect Night at The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle maintains a regal hiding spot perched atop a hill overlooking Hollywood. And rightfully so.  This establishment is an exclusive members only experience.  It has been for decades.  And will be for decades...

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