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Bonjour 2013! I'm finally ready for you!

So  my 2013 resolutions are off to a slow, not a bad, start. In my defense, this past week has been hectic. I moved into a new place in West Hollywood. And by moved in I mean I brought all my clothes and kitchenware into a completely empty apartment.  Since then, I have purchased a bed frame and a living room set, but the place is far from homey.   Nonetheless, this is a big important new beginning for my 2013. Work is off to a feverish, but fabulous start. ......

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I Dare You..
October 12, 2012

I Dare You..

Who were my parents kidding when they declared my 160k in debt for a degree in Psychology and Spanish was a waste of hard earned money!  Por favor! Lets back up.  I’ve been taking classes...

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