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I Disagree with you Eric Paskel, the Gym Doesn't Suck

This post is written in response to Eric Paskel’s experiment of giving up yoga in place of the gym.  His article was featured in Yoga Journal online. Take a gander here  So, this pretty admirable yoga instructor named Eric Paskel recently gave up yoga in place of the gym for a 90 day experiment.  His revelations? He writes,  “If you are looking to get a workout and work your issues out, there is still only one class for all of us. One-stop shopping for your mind, body and intellect? That’s a dynamic,......

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A Farewell to My Dog
June 02, 2015

A Farewell to My Dog

It would have been an otherwise ordinary summer day between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, but this particular Tuesday was going to be a monumental one for me.  It was the day...

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