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Why I am hooked on MacroLife Naturals!

On an endless pursuit of optimal health, I find myself a regular in the vitamin aisle at Whole Foods scanning for sales. So it was no surprise when I picked up a packet of MacroLife Greens Superfood powder the other day after it had been marked down. From the packaging, I expected the flavor to taste like grass. Or at the very least, grass being disguised with stevia.  When I got home and emptied the nutrient dense packet into my almond milk, I was absolutely shocked by how delicious it......

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Let's Revamp Our Lives!
March 11, 2016

Let’s Revamp Our Lives!

It’s SIX MONTHS until my wedding day.  Six short months.  And well, I really need to kick my ass into high gear.  Not just on a physical level, but emotionally. For the past few months...

5 Easy Moves to Chiseled Abs!
November 24, 2015

5 Easy Moves to Chiseled Abs!

Five years ago I had an inclination to try a Pilates class.  The lengthening and stretching kept me entertained; the planks and leg lifts challenged. Yet while I shook uncontrollably from bracing my abs… I didn’t feel like I...

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