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“Okay now bring your forehead to the mat.”  Has always elicited the same exact mental freak-out in my mind:  I’m sorry you want me to do WHAT?  I’m not putting my FACE down on this community mat that other people have rolled their sweaty bodies (and feet! their feet!) all over.  Rather die. Maybe you’re nodding in agreement with me, or maybe you think I’m being dramatic… but nothing grosses me out worse than being told to put my face on my yoga mat.  I mean, even if I’m not......

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vegan fried plantain recipe
February 02, 2017

Should you take Digestive Enzymes?

Nearly two years ago, I was recommended digestive enzymes to help alleviate my inner ‘turmoil’.  At the time I was under the care of 5 different physicians, and not one had mentioned anything of the sort....

Healthy Thanksgiving Salad
November 06, 2016

Skinny Fall Harvest Salad

Need a dish to bring to a fall party?  What about the perfect healthy Thanksgiving starter?  Or a make ahead salad that you can package up and bring for lunch everyday this week? I gat’chu. This...

The one Diet Tip That WORKS: Cut the Sugar
September 23, 2016

The one Diet Tip That WORKS: Cut the Sugar

Sugar.  America’s cryptonite. America runs on sugar.  I mean, we’re the founder of ‘death by chocolate’ desserts, cheesecake factories, and vermont maple syrup.  Sweets, pies, cakes, cookies… they’re an integral part of our story. And...

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