Salutations! and thanks for stumbling upon my compilations of rants, raves and self epiphanies.

I consider myself a pretty multi-faceted chick, which the Traveling Fig appropriately depicts.  So whether you’re here for a healthy sweet potato side dish for Thanksgiving or to help plan your dream getaway to Cambodia (or warning signs you’ve Gone Hollywood or why I’m boycotting Whole Foods).. welcome.

I love to travel, eat, laugh, turn my spare bedroom into a craft room and find 101 uses for mason jars, you know, life’s little pleasures.  I’m also pretty obsessed with fitness, health and my dog.  I act and host, sell real estate and …you guessed it.. write, out of pure passion… and it just so happens that these ventures also pay my bills.  There was a time, not too many moons ago, that I was chained to a desk M-F and addicted to venti lattes at starbucks and updating my linkedIn profile.  Those days have passed.  These ones I’m more about finding bliss.  I’m trying to push myself everyday to learn something new, work on a hidden talent, reach for the unattainable… and any other pinterest motivational quote that happens to move me on any particular day.  Sometimes these adventures end terribly (in which case I get to write a humorous blog recap), but more times than not I feel enriched and more alive.

The 411

A/S/L -If you’re too young to know what this means, then just know that I’m older than you.  Same goes with the reference for 411. /female / Los Angeles stationed when I’m not globetrotting.  A Boston girl at heart.  So much so that being stoned to death would be preferable to dating a yankees fan (although I do adore NYC with every fiber of my being).  I plan on retiring in South of France….soon.

Favorite travel spot: Morocco and Vietnam were perhaps the most culturally eye opening.  Spain speaks to my soul though. studying abroad in Granada, Spain will always be one of the best decisions I ever made.

On the bucketlist: I’m itching to get to South Africa next.  Curious about my full bucket list? Click here.

Favorite Song: anything Elvis 

Okay, we’re getting off topic here.  The point is, this website.. the idea of the Traveling Fig.. is my everything, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.  Please leave a comment below

….or you can always send me hate mail  (or products to review, vacation packages, endorsement deals, precious rubies, etc) to: chelseagilson@gmail.com

To watch me make a fool of myself on television, check out my acting website here.

Paz & Amor,


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