A Valentines Day in Boston

A Valentines Day in Boston

What a fabulous holiday.
A day dedicated to celebrating love and appreciating the special bond you share with another person.  A bond held together by a mutual love for one another’s idiosyncrasies …a bond that creates inside jokes out of mundane occurrences and breathtaking memories out of the ordinary, a bond that’s so wonderfully unique that you couldn’t possibly describe it in a way that makes sense to an outsider.
Okay, so I’m a hopeless romantic ..who is also hopelessly in love with someone who still makes me blush, giggle and pop my leg mid kiss after three years of dating. But still, Valentine’s day is a jubilation of love ..and underneath the overpriced singing cards and the blind robbery by edible arrangements, there is something so raw and beautiful about that. As I have so stealthily hinted above, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to let Valentines Day turn into a commericalized nightmare.

Price fix says it all.  Taking a perfectly good restaurant, hiking the prices, cramping in seating and turning waitstaff into zombie-like fast food churning engines can transform a once elegant restaurant into a glorified wendy’s at noon …with linen napkins. I personally prefer a romantic home cooked meal or a small quaint hidden gem.  I’d even opt for a ordering an appetizer and pizza at the bar, but as the dinner hour neared we finally succombed to the Vday pressure and bokoed a last minute reservation.

We chose a Back Bay Italian restuarant I’ve been meaning to try – Sorellina.  The decor is gorgeous – extremely modern and spacious with eyecatching artwork strewn half hazardly on the walls.  i love how the restaurant is so unimposing, you have to really know about it to find the tucked away entrance facing copley square.

While the decor was nice and the menu intrigued me – I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were at a speed dating event. As a former waitress, it takes a lot to pull criticism of waitstaff out of me – but our server was extremely pushy and demanding.  She left me rushed when I was craving relaxation and romance.  I thought the food was absolutely delicious, and while expensive, I enjoyed the small but  creative dishes.

I ordered the Endive Salad, which consisted of  8 or so delicate endives with large wedges of a sweet and creamy gorgonzola, apples and walnuts. The dish was petite, with a beautiful presentation and a rich flavor.  I also tried the bucatini pasta – eggs, crisp pancetta, smoked bacon and we subbed a pink vodka sauce for the creamy white sauce. The flavor was bold and I enjoyed the texture of the crunchy meats against the soft pasta.

Matt was less than impressed, especially when our meager meal and 3 glasses of prosecco still brought us over $100.  We ended up grabbing drinks at City Table and Matt ordered the Ragu he had been eyeing.  Back up to the hotel room for cake and champagne in front of a real fire place.  I’m smiling just remembering it now.

To be showered with affection and surprised (and okay.. the best present I could ever ask for!) by someone who I am still so incredibly head over heels in love with does make me a little biased, but Valentines Day is still magical to me – and this year was no exception. A day to make me stop and remember that I am the luckiest girl in the world <3

Wearing my Valentines day present 🙂 🙂 🙂

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