6 Tips to Boost Curb Appeal & Increase your home value!

curb appeal tips


Homes with high curb appeal command higher prices and take less time to sell.

Try out these 6 curb-appeal boosting tips to add value to your home!

  1. PAINT: Definitely the most commonly offered curb appeal advice, but for good reason: appraisers will value it!   Make sure to pick a color that is neutral and goes with the neighborhood… nothing too bold or bright!
  2. WASH: Seems obvious, but you’ll never believe how many times a buyer doesn’t think to wash the exterior of the house before putting it on the market! Don’t forget about the garage door and the roof!  A sparkling white garage door goes a long way.  
  3. ROOF: Speaking of the roof… put a valiant effort into fixing it up.  It will be music to a prospective buyer’s ears to hear ‘newly shingled roof!” 
  4. GARDENING A little bit of mulch goes a long way.  Spruce up the yard by adding some flowers and bushes, trimming back shrubs and lining the gardening with a dark mulch. 
  5. ADD COLOR: Catch a buyer’s eye with a pop of color!  Try a bold red door or even some bright flower boxes in the windows.  Surprisingly, this little splash of color will seriously boost your curb appeal!
  6. FANCY UP THE MAILBOX. A swanky mailbox or new house numbers won’t break your bank – but will go a long way. 




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